Bolivia Cities

Bolivia has 9 states (which we call departments) and each has a capital city. Therefore, as each is the major city of its state in terms of importance, we’ll tell you about our 9 state capitals first.

In terms of population, there are other major cities of Bolivia that are larger than some of our state capitals. Therefore, we’ll list fun facts about the 10 largest cities in Bolivia.

1 Santa Cruz de la Sierra – Department of Santa Cruz
This is the largest city in Bolivia, and also the fastest growing city of Bolivia
1,841,282 inhabitants

2 El Alto – Department of La Paz
Once a suburb of La Paz, it became an autonomous city in the 1980’s
960,767 inhabitants

3 La Paz – Department of La Paz
Seat of two of Bolivia’s branches of government, and called our defacto capital
840,209 inhabitants

4 Cochabamba – Department of Cochabamba
This city is considered to have the best climate in the country
618,384 inhabitants

5 Sucre – Department of Chuquisaca
Sucre is the capital city of Bolivia, and seat of the judicial branch of government
306,754 inhabitants

6 Oruro – Department of Oruro
Known as the folklore capital of Bolivia, for its famous Carnaval de Oruro
232,265 inhabitants

7 Tarija – Department of Tarija
Known for having some of the highest vineyards in the world
211,018 inhabitants

8 Potosí – Department of Potosí
In 1574 it was the largest city in the world with 120,000 inhabitants
167,439 inhabitants

9 Sacaba – Department of Cochabamba
Located in the Chapare, it is Bolivia’s coca growing capital
179,847 inhabitants

10 Montero – Department of Santa Cruz
Has experienced rapid growth. Known for its Expo Norte agricultural fair
98,539 inhabitants

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Bolivia Cities
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Bolivia Cities
Bolivia is one of the most amazing countries in the world. It definitely should be on the list of countries to Visit.
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