Why do we need smart phones?
Here are a few reasons:

  1. Smart Phones and TabletsUp to the minute Updates: stay informed about what is going on in the world, your immediate circle of family and friends.
  2. Productivity: You don’t need to remember everything. Just set up the reminders.
  3. Listen to Music: use your smart phone to listen to music and relax from a long day at the office.
  4. Stay in Touch: Stay in touch with your significant other and your children.
  5. Follow your favorite sports team: get the latest information about your favorite sports team. You can even watch games on your smart phone.
  6. Shopping : sometimes you find better deals online on the same products that you see in a store. And there are even apps that let you scan/take a picture of a bar code to pull up product details and comparative online and local prices for that product.
  7. Finding Your Way: smartphones for navigation. Just add the address and get where you want.
  8. Work: smart phones are a great tool to for achieving your work goals. Upload files, share files, answer emails and even work on spreadsheets.

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