Cargo Consolidation

Cargo Consolidation or consolidation services refer to a cargo shipping method in which a logistics company to combine several individual consignments to make up one shipment. This arrangement allows the goods to be shipped at cheaper rates and offers greater security.

At destination, the consolidated shipment is separated back into the original individual consignments for delivery to their respective consignees.

If you are in the market for shipping consolidation services, International 3PL has the right solutions. When we consolidate (or repack) your parcels, we take the content of the packages and put it in a single box that is as small and safe as possible.

cargo consolidation

In general, it makes sense to have the goods delivered to your international destination in a box that is as small as possible.

In the USA, freight charges are reasonable. Therefore, goods are shipped in boxes that are sometimes twice or three times bigger than the content they carry inside.

When it comes to international shipments, however, the shipping charges are calculated by the weight, actual or dimensional – whichever is greater (the chargeable weight).
For example: the actual weight of a package is 15KG and the dimensional weight is 25KG the chargeable weight will be 25KG. To learn more about how the dimensional weight is calculated.

In a nutshell: The smaller the box, the closer the actual weight is to the dimensional weight and the cheaper the shipping charges will be.

Why Cargo Consolidation Saves You Money:

  • Carriers charge more for the first pound or kilo. When you ship packages separately, you will pay for this fee twice.
  • Websites use large boxes with lots of packaging material.
  • We carefully re-package your items, removing the extra packaging material so your box is as small and light as possible.
  • Even if the website ships to your country, we still save you money when you are buying from multiple stores.


Shipping Consolidation Services in a nutshell

When we see your repack request, we retrieve your packages and double-check that we have the correct ones.

All outside boxes are removed, we only keep the retail packaging. That might significantly lower the postage (package becomes smaller and lighter).

After this, we put the goods in a box that is as small as possible. All Packages are tagged and prepared for shipment. We make it easy.

Shipping Consolidations Services companies are becoming more in demand used by small and large companies to ship packages internationally.

Reduce your local delivery costs dramatically with our freight consolidation services.

Because many of our consumer goods customers ship to the same retailer distribution centers, we can combine your freight with other companies to deliver to the same consignees in full truckload shipments. You pay only for the portion of the load your product represents.

In addition to trucking consolidation, our freight services allow for consolidated air freight and ocean freight. When shipping internationally, you can avoid higher costs associated with air and ocean transportation by combining your freight with other shipments. The best solution for foreign moves, let us handle all the complicated logistics associated with international freight forwarding

For Cargo consolidation services, contact us: 305-915-8024.

International Freight consolidators

International Freight consolidators can help you combine shipments with the same destination (or in close proximity) to help you get an edge over competitors, reduce your per-unit shipping costs and improve delivery times. That is why it is important for your freight forwarder to act as a hub of information for our clients, tracking every leg of the trip, and centralizing information and knowledge to optimize operations.

Many times you find yourself purchasing different products from different manufactures and trying to bring all into your distribution center. Most of the time, you will ship the different cargo separately which will end up costing more. To many importers it might seem like a difficult process however, in the hands of the right Logistics company, it most probably will be easy.

Using international freight consolidators make this process easy and saves money.

This what an international freight consolidators can do for you.

  • Contact your overseas vendors
  • Arrange to pick up the cargo from the different vendors.
  • Handle all the necessary paperwork.
  • Combine all Cargo into one shipment.
  • Make the booking with the airline or ocean shipping company
  • Ship the combined cargo to destination

When shipment arrives at you destination port, the International shipping company will arrange for customs clearance.

Deliver container to your warehouse or a third party warehouse

Some 3PL companies, will handle the distribution and delivery of your product to you customer

Sometimes your supply chain reaches so far, it’s beyond your control. That’s why hiring an International  freight Consolidator to handle even the toughest and most complicated situations will lead to success

As more more businesses are conducting business internationally, increasing and improving our international logistics is inevitably an ongoing strategic process.

What  customers appreciate most isn’t just getting the shipment delivered, it’s providing around-the-clock visibility to shipment status and documentation for all stakeholders.

Good International freight forwarders have strategic partnerships that provide availability to additional warehousing space around the globe. In conjunction with partners, 3PL Companies will locate available space that meets your needs from simple storage through extensive value-added services.


parcel shipping

Why Consider Parcel Shipping ?

Recently Many companies have adopted parcel shipping as a method of delivery of their products rather than using freight shipping via LTL.


Can your company combine a group of similar packages and ship them to distribution centers where they can be broken down and delivered as individual parcel shipments? Or do you have a limited amount of shipments that leave your facility on a weekly or daily basis?


Another item that needs to be taken into consideration is accessibility. Parcel carriers will offer direct door-to-door delivery that LTL carriers frequently cannot. Is your recipient located on the 13th floor of an office building with no service elevator? If so, you may see an extra fee on your carrier invoice to accommodate your physical and operational needs.  Parcel carriers, however, generally have a more flexible schedule and can offer services such as Saturday express and overnight delivery. Parcel carriers are also more likely to deliver to residential addresses, whereas LTL carriers generally prefer to ship to loading docks.


In most cases, parcel carriers have the capability of guaranteeing delivery by a certain time and day. Many companies and individuals find this useful for time sensitive documents such as bid proposals and contracts. When you want items on site at a specific time and location, parcel carriers have the direct advantage to meet your needs.  Their reliability, over time, has proven to be more consistent compared to the LTL industry.


Parcel carriers instituted online shipment tracking, many LTL carriers adopting it later. Both types of carriers offer services that enable users to track shipments online, including an estimated time of arrival and live updates throughout the delivery process. Many shippers provide instant proof of delivery and signature confirmation.



Ultimately, your shipping strategy should be the one that best meets the needs of your company and customers. Even the best product in the world will lose favor with your customers if it is not delivered safely and on time. For overall customer service, parcel carriers typically have the flexibility that meets customers’ needs, but LTL carriers are not far behind. Regardless of your selected service type, be sure to consider the advantages and disadvantages of each option, and their suitability to your current and future business objectives.

International parcel shipping has been on the rise too, many Miami freight forwarders are engaging in parcel shipping to customers in the Caribbean and south America. It has become a major source of income for many

Online Parcel Shipping Companies are on the rise due to the need of fast reliable delivery of important packages, International 3PL has several facilities specializing in Parcel and small package shipping services across the globe.
Some of parcel shipping companies also offer distribution services and pick and pack servcies

Importing and exporting are key components for many lucrative businesses.
International shipping could present great business opportunities for you, but may also seem daunting. A good freight forwarding service can save you time and potential headaches while providing reliable transportation of products at competitive rates.

Freight Forwarding

The process, paperwork, and regulations involved in international trade may seem intimidating. However, you can be a successful international shipper without getting caught up in the logistics of logistics.

International 3PL offers simple and straight forward Freight Forwarding Services. Our relationship with the major shipping companies puts in a position to offer the best Ocean and air freight services both import and Export.
We are experts in this part of the overall supply chain.  Our Freight forwarding services are designed to provide you with the best overall results and the best rates.

When working with International 3pl, you will find that working with a freight forwarder partner who also provides 3PL services is a beneficial way to manage transportation needs.

Some of our solutions:

Over-sized, hazardous cargo, project cargo

  • Air express and charter services
  • Dry and temperature controlled transportation
  • Door to Door services
  • Security areas for high cargo value
  • EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)
  • Tracking & Tracing
  • Worldwide cross trade
  • Bonded facilities. Project forwarding
  • In house customs broker
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