International Freight consolidators

International Freight consolidators can help you combine shipments with the same destination (or in close proximity) to help you get an edge over competitors, reduce your per-unit shipping costs and improve delivery times. That is why it is important for your freight forwarder to act as a hub of information for our clients, tracking every leg of the trip, and centralizing information and knowledge to optimize operations.

Many times you find yourself purchasing different products from different manufactures and trying to bring all into your distribution center. Most of the time, you will ship the different cargo separately which will end up costing more. To many importers it might seem like a difficult process however, in the hands of the right Logistics company, it most probably will be easy.

Using international freight consolidators make this process easy and saves money.

This what an international freight consolidators can do for you.

  • Contact your overseas vendors
  • Arrange to pick up the cargo from the different vendors.
  • Handle all the necessary paperwork.
  • Combine all Cargo into one shipment.
  • Make the booking with the airline or ocean shipping company
  • Ship the combined cargo to destination

When shipment arrives at you destination port, the International shipping company will arrange for customs clearance.

Deliver container to your warehouse or a third party warehouse

Some 3PL companies, will handle the distribution and delivery of your product to you customer

Sometimes your supply chain reaches so far, it’s beyond your control. That’s why hiring an International  freight Consolidator to handle even the toughest and most complicated situations will lead to success

As more more businesses are conducting business internationally, increasing and improving our international logistics is inevitably an ongoing strategic process.

What  customers appreciate most isn’t just getting the shipment delivered, it’s providing around-the-clock visibility to shipment status and documentation for all stakeholders.

Good International freight forwarders have strategic partnerships that provide availability to additional warehousing space around the globe. In conjunction with partners, 3PL Companies will locate available space that meets your needs from simple storage through extensive value-added services.


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